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This Book is in Good Condition. Clean Copy With Light Amount of Wear. 100% Guaranteed. Summary: From the author of over 4 books on solar health and healing comes Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity. Today with new scientific tools especially thanks to SOHO the sun telescope administered by NASA we can examine these energies emitting from the sun and their effects on living organisms and our environment in far greater detail than ever before. Total Number of Pages 420Partial List of ChaptersChapter 1The Frequencies Emitted by our Sun and How to use Them for Healing Wellness and ProsperityVisualization Exercises to Release the Power of the Condition Colors using the Sun's EnergyInvisible Energy Fields and Their Effect on RealityHow to Perform the ESP Enhancement ExerciseChapter 2Time. Using it to boost Productivity Efficiency and Reverse AgingThe Looping Effect Of Time and its Effect Upon our AwarenessUsing Photons of Light to Make Time FluidPhotons and IllusionA Formula for Slowing Down TimeSolar Radiation Levels and TimeThe Miracle of Time Compression and How to Break World Records by Freezing Space TimeThe Body and How Time Affects AgingThe Emotional Connection to Time SlipsChapter 3Multiplication of Matter Intention and RebirthUsing Energies of the Reborn Sun At the December SolsticeHow to Apply Intention to Multiply Money and MatterHow Money is Created Through the Power of AwarenessChapter 4Longevity Healing and Wellness using the Sun Seasons and Celestial AlignmentsTapping Into The Magical Power of SiriusHow to Perform The Condition Yellow ExerciseUsing Earth's Seasons to Maintain LongevityAntiAging Celestial AlignmentsSimple Methods to Stay Healthy Using Solar and Lunar ConditionsThe Ophiuchus constellation and the miracle of creationUsing Radionics or the 2 Point Technique to ManifestA Simple Tool for MiraclesChapter 5How to Tap Into and Use the Golden Light of the Sun for Healing, Prosperity and Other Advantages UsesThe Hidden Math in a Sun SquareUsing Mantras and Chants to their Full Potential to Affect ChangeChapter 6Planetary Influences and Stock Market ActivityThe Solar Ingress and the Stock ExchangesCelestial Influences that Cause the Dow Jones to RiseWhy does the Dow Jones rise when there is no Solar Activity? Why does the Dow Jones rise when there are no C Class Flares? Profiting From Predicting the Dow Jones. How to find low priced stocks that rise with the Dow JonesChapter 7Profiting and Adapting to the Emerging Social, Spiritual and Technological Changes in the Coming DecadesWhen Does The Aquarian Age Fully Begin? The Planet Related to AquariusThe Emerging Technological Discoveries of ScienceThe 33 Year Solar CyclePersonal Awakening. The Oneness BlessingChapter 8Mass Fish Deaths and High Levels of Solar X RadiationEvidence Supporting Oceanic Drive in Evolution Via Rising Cosmic RaysThe Power of S Class Flares and how They Create Super Thunderstorms (SuperCells) The Power of Infrasonic Waves on Human ConsciousnessChanging World around us by Quantum Coherence. What we Focus on Becomes our RealityChapter 9Using the Right Solar Conditions for HealingBeneficial Solar Weather Conditions for HealingUsing our Hearts to Influence Local, Regional and Planetary Magnetic FieldsHow Human Consciousness is Stimulated by Our SunChapter 10How to use Celestial Alignments for Healing and LongevityCelestial Alignments and Emerging EnergyThe Sirius Star System and DNAThe Power of the Unconscious Mind at HalloweenHow To Bring More Energy to Your Mantras or Chants to Fuel Change FasterWhat are Archetypes, and how are they usedThe Main Asteroids and their Effects on Human AwarenessChapter 11Amino acids and Anti-AgingBiophotons. How they Influence Healing by Increasing the Communication of DNAThe 2 Point Quantum Healing TechniqueThe Regenerative Healing Power of BacteriaThe Anti-Aging Yogurt MixHow The Right Foods can Relieve Depression. Buchnummer des Verkäufers

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We are leaving the age of mind, and entering the age of awareness and frequency. Today what we would define as major miracles will soon become everyday occurrences manifested through our new awareness.

This book is about how to learn to work with and use these new energies for healing and self-fulfillment. From the author of over 4 books on solar health and healing, comes Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity. Today with new scientific tools, especially thanks to SOHO, the sun telescope administered by NASA, we can examine these energies emitting from the sun and their effects on living organisms and our environment in far greater detail than ever before.

This emerging science is known as Chiro-Nutrition. This book is a simplified summary from over 10 years of cutting edge research conducted by Solar Health Institute founder Scott Rauvers, including 3 years using radionics to manifest lottery numbers, 2 years locating the unique solar and planetary positions that are responsible for making the Dow Jones industrial Average rise and 5 years of discoveries of how the sun can be used to accelerate goals, ambitions and intent, including using Solar and Lunar forces to reverse the aging process and restore health and well-being.

Take a journey through the halls of self-discovery and discover the most powerful tools ever assembled into a single book on how to effectively alter the reality you exist in. From altering reality through Quantum Photonics, to unlocking the power of your subconscious mind using planetary and constellational energies, you'll discover a unique tool for just about any situation.

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